Bibliographie sur les hyménoptères - Hymenoptera bibliography

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Bibliographie sur les hyménoptères - Hymenoptera bibliography

Post  Pierre-Damien on Thu 16 Jun - 10:08

Je mettrais ici toutes les références bibliographiques (publications scientifiques, sites internet, livres) citées dans vos posts ou que vous pouvez m'envoyer par messages perso, relatifs aux hyménoptères.
I will write here all the references to Hymenoptera (scientific papers, books, websites) that are named in your posts or that you send me by personnal messages.

Publications scientifiques - Scientific papers
-Wheeler W. M., 1918. Reports on th ants collected by the Barbados-Antigua expedition of the University of Iowa in 1918.The University of Iowa studies of natural History, Vol. 10, No 3. 7 pages (Fichier pdf en ligne)

Livres - Books

-Austin A.D. & M. Dowton, 2000. Hymenoptera : evolution, biodiversity and biological control. CSIRO Publishing. 512 pages.
-Michener C.D., 2007. The bees of the world. 2nd edition, The Johns Hopkins University Press. 952 pages.
-Rico-Gray V. and P.S. Oliveira, 2007. The ecology and evolution of ant-plant interactions. The university of chicago press. 346 pages.
-Hunt J.H., 2007. The evolution of social wasps. Oxford University Press. 259 pages.
-Gauld I and B. Bolton , 1998. The Hymenoptera. Oxford University Press. 332 pages.
-Agosti, D., Majer, J., Alonso, E. and Schultz, T.R., 2000. Ants: Standard Methods for Measuring and Monitoring Biodiversity. Smithsonian Institution Press. 280 pages. (Link to the book)

Sites internet - Websites

-Antweb - Ants of the world
-Antarea - fourmi de France métropolitaine
-Forum Antslab
-Global Ant Project
-HymIS Forum
-Home of Ichneumonoidea
-Moure's Bee Catalogue

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